Clogged Sewer Drains

It’s frustrating enough when you have a stubborn toilet or sink clog in your home or business; but when a sewer line becomes clogged, that’s when a minor issue can turn into a major problem. Your need professional help! Mark Gonzales and his Wilmington, NC plumbers will fix any emergency that arises any time of the day.

Reasons for Your Clogged Sewer Drain

sewer drain 1So now you have a clogged sewer line. What caused such a troublesome problem to even occur in the first place? Although many people try to find out the answer themselves, sometimes it’s very hard to figure out the “culprit” depending on where the clog is in the sewer line. Sewer lines can become clogged from factors inside and outside of your home/office building. From the inside, buildup of hair in the shower or toys being shoved the toilet (from young children) can cause the sewer line to back up. Examples like hair and toys will not decompose, and therefore, are just going to sit in your drain. From the outside, it can be pipes that are damaged/broken and as a result, underground roots from trees grow into the open gaps. If you have very large trees near your come home or office building, then try to imagine how much the roots are spread underground. Roots looks for moisture, so if a pipe is broken, the roots will eventually find the that gape.

Solutions from Our Emergency Plumbers

Once you realize you have a clogged sewer line, call our plumbers immediately! We have the expertise and equipment needed to fix this problem as quickly and neatly as possible. After arriving to your home/business, we use a snake camera inspection in different areas of the pipe to find where the clog is occurring. Depending on what is clogged will determine our course of action. If the pipe is broken, then we will replace it with a new pipe that goes inside of the old one. If it’s tree roots, we will dig up and remove the roots. If it’s something inside your home/business (and most likely it will be too deep for a plunger), then we will remove the toilet/sink and get the clog out.

Call Mark Gonzales – Your Professional Wilmington, NC Plumber

drain 2

As expert plumbers in the Wilmington and Oak Island area, we have seen and handled every plumbing emergency you can think of. We will always tell you the problem and our strategy to fix it. We take our work seriously because we want to make sure any plumbing problems we run into are handled professionally. Get in touch with our Wilmington, NC plumbers now. For our Wilmington and New Hanover County residents, the number is (910) 473-6006 and for Oak Island, NC and Brunswick County residents, the number is (910) 833-1966.