Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

Have a blockage in your sink or toilet that even your plunger cannot unclog? Your problem may be deeper down the drain than you think. Mark Gonzales and his Wilmington, NC plumbers can fix drain clogs with an effective and efficient video camera inspection. A plumbing video camera inspection is the most effective method available to locate problem areas within drain lines. Instead of guesswork or tearing up your yard or flooring, we use a video camera to make our inspections less obtrusive and less costly to you.

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Picture this: A video camera is attached to a long cable that is fed through the drain. Once in the drain, we can inspect the pipe’s condition from the inside. Instead of relying on traditional drain line troubleshooting methods, a video camera plumbing inspection pinpoints the trouble spot and helps visually confirm the cause of the problem. Once we understand the problem, we can determine the best solution for clog removal. Using the video camera plumbing inspection method is not only beneficial to the plumber, but to our customers as well because we also want them to see the cause of the problem.

There could be several reasons for continually slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs, but video camera plumbing inspections show the exact “root” of the problem whether it be root intrusion or crushed, cracked or misaligned pipes. Plumbing Video camera inspections have also been used to locate lost jewelry and other items accidentally flushed down the drain or toilet.

Early Detection of Plumbing Problems

A plumbing video camera inspection is also a great way to perform a check-up on your  pipes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so before you have to spend lots of money later on to fix a big problem, a quick video camera inspection check up can help pinpoint potential issues before they become plumbing disasters.

Our plumbing video inspections have also been used to find lost rings, watches and other valuables that can accidentally find their way into your drain pipes.

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Sometimes a plunger cannot fix those deep-down clogged emergencies. No matter the time of day, our Wilmington, NC 24 hour plumbers are ready to repair or remove any clogging problems you may experience. Give us a call today! You can reach us at our Wilmington, NC location at (910) 473-6006, which serves all of New Hanover County, or at our Oak Island Location at (910) 833-1966, which serves all of Brunswick County.