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Not everyone gets excited about septic systems and the benefits they offer. Mark Gonzales and his team of Oak Island and Wilmington, NC plumbers do. They also know firsthand the problems that a poorly functioning septic system can create in your home or business. We are your Oak Island and Wilmington, NC plumbers you can trust to be your experts in regards to what you need to know about septic tanks and your overall septic system.

The Basics of Your Septic System – An Engineering MarvelSeptic Tank

The septic system is an engineering marvel. It filters and purifies wastewater without using complex or expensive processes—just natural sediment precipitation and decomposition. Here’s how this simple, brilliant device works:

When waste enters your septic tank, it begins to naturally separate. Heavy, solid waste filters to the bottom, while fluids from the waste rise to the top. This process is aided by beneficial bacteria, which digest the waste products and break them down into simpler components. Eventually, waste is rendered into three main components:

  1. Solid waste (“sludge”): A thick, indigestible material that collects at the bottom of the tank
  2. Watery, liquid waste (“effluent”)
  3. A thin top layer of foam (“scum”)

septic tank 2These waste products are disposed of in different ways. The scum is left alone, as it contains much of the beneficial bacteria that digests waste. The solid waste must be pumped out of your septic system at intervals determined by the size of your tank and the frequency of your use. The effluent drains into the leach field, a system of pipes which distributes it into the earth, where it harmlessly rejoins the water cycle.

Septic Tank & Septic System Repairs

We are equipped to handle virtually any septic tank problem or septic system problems. Our core septic system services include:

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