Water Heater Repair in Wilmington NC and Oak Island

Nobody likes to start their day, in the early morning, chilly hours with a hot shower that quickly turns into an icy cold polar bear club experience. When this moment happens, the water heater is generally to blame. Wilmington, NC plumber Mark Gonzales and his team of certified plumbers are experts in water heater repair for homes and businesses.

The most common reason why water heaters need repairing is a Sediment Buildupresult of sediment buildup. This is especially true as water heaters age. Picture this: When water is heated, minerals such as limescale, calcium and magnesium start to form along the lines of the tank and burner. If the minerals are not filtered out of the heater, they begin to form a sediment barrier that sits in the water heater and limits its performance. Stay up to date and check for sediment build up periodically.

Another concern you should watch out for is changes in the water heater burner. When you look at the burner, the flame should always be a blue color with yellow tips. If it starts to take on a yellow-orange tone, then that is an early sign of incomplete Burner-Flamesburning. Incomplete burning causes poor heater performance, but it can also produce carbon monoxide, a deadly toxin to you and your family. No matter the case, if your water heater is not burning properly, get in touch with our Oak Island and Wilmington, NC plumbers and we’ll get you on track with our trusted water heater repair services.

Wilmington NC Water Heater Repair Experts

Stay on top of your water heater’s performance to avoid running into colder days with no heat! Our 24 hour plumbers are ready to repair your water heater. The phone number to call for Wilmington, NC and New Hanover County residents is (910) 473-6006 and for Oak Island, NC and Brunswick County residents, give us a call at (910) 833-1966.