Wilmington NC Pipe Lining and Repairs

Wilmington NC Pipe Lining | Befor and After Pictures | Expert Wilmington NC PlumbersAre you experiencing numerous sewage back ups in your plumbing? Or, maybe you are noticing more clogging than usual in your home? Just like any household appliances, things get old and start to break. After so many years, pipes can begin to crack, rust or even burst. Whether the broken pipe is in your walls or in your yard, just trying to replace a specific piece will actually be messier, more expensive, time consuming and just plain inconvenient. Your solution instead is to install a pipe liner, and local Wilmington, NC plumber Mark Gonzales is the expert on getting this kind of problem fixed quickly.

Pipe Lining Facts

Pipe liners are smaller, thinner pipes that fit right inside the damaged pipe. No matter how cracked or broken the original pipe is, a pipe liner is designed to be the new, durable inner pipe. Pipe liner diameters are only 5% smaller than the original pipe, so flow through the pipe is not affected. New lining that is installed inside is just as strong as the original pipe. It is also much quicker to install pipe liners rather than re-piping the old fashioned way. Types of pipes that break and can be re-lined are storm drain pipes, drinking water pipes, drainage pipes, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) pipes and sewer pipes.

How Pipe Lining Works | Plumbers in Wilmington NC | Septic ServicesPipe Lining Installation

To install pipe lining, our plumbers first get an idea of the amount of damage by using a video inspection. Seeing the problem through video determines the length of the pipe that need re-lined. Then, a tube is cut to the proper length and is pulled into the old pipe. A final video inspection ensures that the new liner is properly in place. If you need pipe lining installation in Wilmington, NC or Oak Island, get in touch with Mark Gonzales and Mr. Rooter. We’ll get the job done.

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Pipe lining is the successful and modern solution to fixing areas of broken pipes, rather than replacing the entire pipe. We are 24/7 plumbers that are ready to fix your plumbing emergencies at any time day or night. Call our Wilmington NC plumbers at (910) 473-6006 or our Oak Island plumbers at (910) 833-1966 for more information.